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Last year, Software Sauna chose the unique environment of the airport for their advertisement campaign in order to reach their target group. The airport’s media surfaces were a great solution for reaching decision-makers in a high-quality advertising environment. Read on to discover in which different ways advertising at the airport can activate the desired target group and why an out-of-home advertising campaign is a good solution for companies.

Asiakas: Software Sauna

Kampanja-aika: June–December 2021

Mainosympäristö: Helsinki Airport

Kampanjan tavoite: Raise interest in the company and reach passengers

Kohderyhmä: Especially passengers to and from the non-Schengen area, Finns heading to Croatia and business travellers to the US, UK and Asia


Software Sauna is programming company located in Croatia that creates digital experiences. The company produces remote code and software solutions from the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Working in Croatia under a Finnish name is sure to pique people’s interest and provoke thoughts. That is why Software Sauna wanted to adopt a “playful” approach to showcasing their operations. One of the main objectives of the advertisement campaign is to raise interest in the company and, in that, they were very successful.



Objectives of the Software Sauna campaign included raising interest in and awareness about the company. The campaign aimed to activate the target group using out-of-home advertising. The extensive media environment of Helsinki Airport was a good fit, and the defined objectives were reached in an excellent fashion. The out-of-home advertising campaign achieved great results by activating the target audience and verifiably raising interest. The airport’s media surfaces will certainly not go unnoticed in the environment full of passengers.

The advertisement campaign used a QR code to activate the target audience and increase the impact of the message. The QR code was used many times during the campaign, which was a good indicator of advertising efficiency.


The QR code was used a total of 5,600 times during the campaign.

People at the airport would literally stop at the advertisement and use the QR code to receive more information about the company.


  • ·A total of 2,300 users used the QR code during the campaign period (avg. 2.4 times per user)

    o In November–December, the QR code was used a total of 919 times.

    o In November–December, the QR code was used by 525 users.

The airport is a good environment to activate passengers. People not only pass through the airport, but also spend time there before their flight departs. That allows fully capitalising on repetition, one of the key benefits of out-of-home advertising. 



Software Sauna chose the airport for its out-of-home advertising campaign in order to reach their desired target group. The airport is a great solution for building brand awareness because it offers a unique environment where you are sure to stand out.

The company especially wanted to reach passengers traveling to and from the non-Schengen area, Finns heading to Croatia and business travellers. The airport is a suitable environment for reaching various target groups. It is also an extensive B2B media environment, making it an obvious choice for any advertiser seeking to reach companies and decision-makers.


“The prime spot of the airport and the advertisement we used are sure to have reached many people, both among our target group and outside it, raising interest,” says Software Sauna CEO Ilkka-Cristian Niemi.


70% of people consider the airport a good advertisement environment.¹ The airport’s media environment was, in fact, very good for reaching business travellers, who were Software Sauna’s main target group.

In addition, most people are in high spirits when at the airport, meaning they receive the advertisement in a good and receptive mood. This also has an impact on getting the message of the advertisement across and reaching the attention of the target group.






Out-of-home advertising is modern mass advertising at its best, and constantly developing technologies enable increasingly sophisticated digital solutions. Even though it is one of the oldest forms of advertising, out-of-home advertising is keeping up with the changing world. As technology advances, advertising is becoming increasingly targeted and smart.


“In the right place it (out-of-home advertising) will reach people, and an appropriate message will surely speak to them and get them to stop,”, says Ilkka-Cristian Niemi.


Out-of-home advertising provides efficient methods for reaching consumers, building your brand and conveying the right kind of message.



Software Sauna used social media as its main marketing channel. The company also highlighted its advertising at the airport in social media, thus providing multi-channel support for its out-of-home advertising campaign. The company wanted to choose out-of-home advertising to support its marketing due to its different nature, and felt that this was a successful solution – as proven by the results of the campaign.

Ida Selander, Head of Sales, Airport Team, New Business Team also emphasises the impact and efficiency of advertising at the airport – Helsinki Airport is an exceptional environment due to its high traffic and the variety of passengers.
"Helsinki Airport is one of the best places to advertise for anyone who wants to target decision-makers. At the airport, you will reach an audience with plenty of purchasing power, ranging from international target groups to B2B decision makers," says Ida Selander.


Software Sauna trusts that it will continue to work together with Clear Channel. The successful campaign, including the QR code, was the fruit of well-working cooperation. The high reach of advertising at the airport makes such collaboration always rewarding for both parties.


"Working with CC has been straightforward and smooth since the first contact. We will certainly continue working together in the future and I can recommend CC, e.g. for those interested in outdoor advertising", continues Ilkka-Cristian Niemi.



1) Clear Channel & ToinenPHD, Airport study in Finland 2013





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