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If you have any concerns that something to do with our work might be unlawful or dangerous, please contact us. We appreciate your efforts to keep us all safe. All reports made to us are covered by our Protected Disclosure Policy, which you can read here.

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Media Planning and Delivery

Darius Skaudis

Planning & Delivery Manager

Heli Laine

Campaign Planner

Petra Bojers

Campaign Planner, Production

Pia Lojander

Senior campaign planner

Sari Korhonen

Senior Promotion Specialist

Linda Vanninen

Planning Process Manager

Emma Salminen

Campaign Planner, Programmatic

Joni Raute

Campaign Planner - Promotions

Jonna Gerlander

Senior Campaign Planner

Pauliina Pekki

Delivery Process Manager

Valeriy Neznakhin

Programmatic Consultant

Ella Hartikainen

Campaign Planner

Eeva-Maria Vuori

Campaign Planner

Clients & Sales - Airport

Ida Selander

Head of Sales, Airport Team & New Business Team

Tanja Harju

Account Manager and Airport Sales Specialist

Tuuli Hedlund

Account Manager and Airport Sales Specialist

Clients & Sales - Local

Ida Selander

Head of Sales, Airport Team & New Business Team

Saija Äikiä

Account Manager

Harri Salmi

Account Manager

Niina Kanninen

Account Manager

Ilpo Aalto

Account Manager

Saku Johansson

Account Manager

Marko Haapahuhta

Account Manager

Clients & Sales - Outdoor

Jussi Laakkonen

Head of Sales, Outdoor Team

Petri Tervala

Head of Accounts

Jaakko Karrus

Account Manager

Ville Kervinen

Account Manager

Petri Kallio

Key Account & Agency Sales Manager

Mika Lievonen

Account Manager

Kari Puska

Account Manager

Niina Känkänen

Account Manager

Sami Leinonen

Account Manager

Sebastian Salonen

Account Manager

Jukka Rossi

Key Account Manager

Ekaterina Lähteenmäki

Account Manager

Ulpu Kattilakoski

Account Manager, Programmatic Specialist

Development & Product

Jesse Jussila

Head of Product

Christina Nemeschansky

Yield Manager

Laura Linna

Product Manager

Sara Riipinen

Product Manager

Niina Hakala

Product Specialist

Asta Tate

Development Manager Eastern Europe

Maiju Toivanen

Development Manager

Heikki Siltala

Development Manager

Jemina Koskinen

Development Manager

Eero Laulainen

ERP & Process Specialist

Pasi Hannula

Development Manager Digital

Tanja Piipponen

Development Manager

Tuomas Kurki

Business Lead, Future Media


Sakari Sormaala

Financial Director

Petteri Salaste

Business Controller

Mia Hannula

Financial Controller

Aleksi Heikkinen

IT Manager

Mira Ronkainen

HR & Admin Coordinator

Virpi Jernström

Senior HR Advisor


Sakari Sormaala

Financial Director

Lassi Tolonen

Development and Product Director

Ville Bergman

Sales Director

Marketing & Insight

Nina Myllyharju

Head of Marketing and Communications

Kristian Fagerström

Insight Manager

Viivi Lehtinen

Sales Marketing Specialist

Sami Koskinen

Graphic Designer

Siiri Salmela

Marketing Coordinator

Hanna Ollila

Marketing Coordinator


Sami Rantanen

Operations Manager

Derek Latham

Digital Solutions Manager

Ermo Pyykönen

Operations Supervisor

Aleksi Pyykönen

Operations Technician

Harri Kannonkari

Digital Signage Technician

Olli Suominen

Operations Techician

Teemu Knuutila

Digital Signage Technician

Sami Väisänen

Project Specialist

Audience, Data & Analytics

Ilpo Luukka

Audience Data & Analytics Manager

Petri Suninmäki

Data Analyst