About us

Clear Channel is one of Finland's leading Out of Home media owners. We find innovative ways for brands to meet and engage people while they’re out and about.

We work closely with advertisers to create beautiful, effective Out of Home advertising.

We continually invest in the highest quality sites, newest technologies and latest planning tools to connect brands with people at the right time, in the right place.

Our nationwide portfolio offers advertisers three key benefits: Reach, Activation and Fame.

Classic Adshel delivers impressive Reach across the country. Our digital estate delivers campaign Activation through flexibility, immediacy and context. Shopping Walls, our premium brand of large-scale digital screens in downtown locations, and Panorama, our digital billboard network, build brand Fame with impressive architectural design and state-of-the-art digital screens.

Our scale means we deliver campaigns that reach people throughout the country. It also means we have the ability to reach local communities or groups of people with pinpoint precision.

Our strengths.

But our business isn’t just about scale. It’s about the quality of our thinking and the strength of our partnerships – putting our portfolio to work in smart and distinctive ways.

And it’s not just about what’s in the ad. It’s also about where and when the ad is seen and by who: Context. Timing. Audience Insight.

So, while we provide the medium, we also supply the thinking and ideas about how, where and when to extend advertising concepts most effectively into the out-of-home space.

By helping advertisers form long-lasting connections with people, we deliver effective campaigns that help grow their businesses.

Our Management Culture.

Our vision. Clear Channel is harnessing the power of creativityflexibility, and accountability – driven by the tech-fuelled transformation of our medium – to meet current and future customer needs.

Our values. Freedom, Flexibility, Fulfilling Promises, Forward Thinking, Fairness and Fast.

Our values form the code we live by as an organisation. They make up a set of attributes that we can develop, share and celebrate, as a group of people spanning many cultures and languages.