About us

Clear Channel Finland is a nationwide outdoor advertising company. Our advertisement networks are located in city centers, shopping centers, grocery stores, streets and Helsinki Airport. We are a pioneer of digital outdoor advertising and offer a comprehensive and modern network. Our vision is to be the most innovative and successful data powered media company. Clear Channel Finland is a part of Clear Channel Europe, which is a division of leading global Out of Home media company, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO).

The Clear Channel Europe portfolio spans 17 markets with 16,000 digital and 400,000 non-digital displays. Clear Channel Europe has 2,900 dedicated employees. Our Mission is To Create the future of media. Transforming our estate, to the benefit of all our stakeholders, through data-driven innovations and infrastructure. Our Purpose is to provide both A Platform for Brands & A Platform for Good. Delivering advertisers’ media objectives whilst having a positive impact on the world around us.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies with a diverse portfolio of approximately 500,000 displays in 22 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, reaching millions of people monthly. Comprised of two business divisions – Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA), the U.S. and Caribbean business division, and Clear Channel International (CCI). CCO employs approximately 4,800 people globally.

Creating The Future of Media

We have a bold mission which both spells out our unique position in the market today, as well as outlining our aspirations for tomorrow: Creating the future of media.

We aim to transform our estate, to the benefit of all our stakeholders, through data-driven digital innovations and infrastructure that’s environmentally and socially conscious. We are continually evolving our activities to overcome the future challenges.

Platform for Brands

For advertisers, we offer a flexible, creative, and responsible media channel. We help our advertisers to achieve their marketing objectives and financial success, and we always add value for them and our other partners.

We invest in research and the newest technologies. In addition, we develop our portfolio to meet the advertisers’ needs. We provide modern solutions to utilize data, real-time communicating, dynamic advertising, interactivity and animation. We offer quality contacts and help to build visibility throughout the whole buyer’s journey. Our new tool, Audience Engine, utilises available statistical data, analytics and artificial intelligence in designing and targeting out-of-home advertising.

Our nationwide portfolio offers advertisers three key benefits: reach, activation and fame.

Reach – Clear Channel Finland offers by far the largest digital network in Finland. With us you can reach massive audiences fast and effectively.

Activate – We offer quality media solutions throughout the whole buyer’s journey. Interactive implementations and a possibility to integrate outdoor advertising campaign with mobile devices leads customers to your brand and activates with the right message at the right time.

Fame – our large digital screens are located in the most vivid places of the city. Large digital screens are a great way to strengthen brand image and ad recall.

Platform for Good

But we’re more than a media owner. “A Platform for Good” means both small and great actions we do to enhance well-being together with cities, advertisers and our other stakeholders.

Responsibly serving communities and municipalities, whilst going above and beyond to have a positive impact on the world around us. For example, we support important charity campaigns by offering pro-bono visibility every year.

We work for environmentally friendly solutions and bring joy to our citizens through smart city -solutions, such as city bikes and e-car charging points. We build responsible infrastructure and bring advertising revenue to municipalities.

We have set a high standard for how we operate our business, how we work with other businesses and support our people, with anti-corruption, fair competition, human rights and data protection initiatives that benefit end customers and communities.

We work for fairness, equality and social welfare both at the corporate level and by each of us. Together we create the future of media.

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Our culture

Our culture is based on our values. Our values form the code we live by as an organisation and how we work together with each other, our clients and partners.

We value professionality, passion, genuineness and confidence. Customer-centricity is highly important for us. We must be able to count on each other in every situation. We invest in well-being and good atmosphere.

  • 9/10 of our employees feel that they can be their own self at work.
  • 9/10 of our employees feel that their work is appreciated.
  • 9/10 of our employees feels that they are a part of Clear Channel.
    Clear Channel, Fairness-survey 2019. 55 respondents (100 %) 


Our Values



Forward thinking
Word spreads fast in our business. The appetite for news about what’s next, and its value to clients, is constant. We don’t just talk about what’s next; we want to be what’s next. By investing heavily in research, insight and audience measurement, developing our digital out-of-home estate and automated buying capabilities, we are giving fresh relevance to the out-of-home medium. Our gaze is firmly fixed on the future.


We believe that entrepreneurial behaviour leads to strong local brands. Within Clear Channel International, that means expressing your local culture and ideas responsibly, without the restrictions and red tape of a heavily centralised business. Our group structure liberates local teams to shine at what they do best.


Fulfilling promises
No one delivers on its promises like Clear Channel International. Our integrity is something that truly unites us as a group. Fulfilling Promises is a personal commitment for each and every one of us, to build our business by building relationships and partnerships, both internally and externally, and thinking carefully about the promises we make and our ability to deliver.


We’re not an off-the-shelf business. Advertisers and development partners want out-of-home solutions tailored to their specific needs and the audiences they want to reach, with insightful, engaging creativity. On that score, we’re ahead of the curve. Our challenge is to keep it that way.


Fairness means we respect and embrace the uniqueness of all our employees. We work together to create an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their true selves to work. As a business, we strive to reflect and support the ever-changing face of the audiences we reach every day, bringing brands face to face with people. Our teams need to be as diverse in their composition and outlook as the audiences we reach every day.


Being Fast reflects our ambition to be first in innovation and creativity - and that requires us to work quickly. We build collaborative and trusted relationships with our customers, our business partners and stakeholders, enabling us to be agile and make quick decisions. This means we are able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our customers - and our customers' customers.