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Reach your target group effectively

We work closely with advertisers to create beautiful and effective Out of Home advertising. We continually invest in the highest quality sites, newest technologies and latest planning tools to connect brands with people at the right time, in the right place. Our nationwide portfolio offers advertisers three key benefits: Reach, Activation and Fame.


Impact your audience, make your brand famous and reach consumers with state-of-the-art giant digital screens in the largest cities.

Helsinki Airport

A unique world where people from many cultures and backgrounds meet. A place where people encounter brands, and brands encounter people.


Reach massive audiences with our network located in the busiest areas. State of the art static and digital networks on busiest high streets at your service.

Targeted solutions

Target your local audience effectively. We offer tailor made solutions that reach and activate according to your needs.


We are a leading provider of premium Malls advertising in many of Finland’s largest and most popular retail destinations. Reach millions of highly receptive shoppers who are in the mood to spend.


The best promotional locations in Finland in Malls, Helsinki Airport and traffic hubs such as Helsinki Railway Station.


Our network of state of the art digital screens at SOK retail locations. A unique FMCG network that speaks where purchase decision are made.


We have more than 1,000 billboards and digital billboards throughout Finland that give advertisers a big and beautiful platform to create stunning advertising, helping build brands and drive sales through high-impact, large-format sites.