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The Buyer's Journey Guide

This guide will direct you to your customers’
buyer’s journey. We reveal what happens during the buyer’s journey and what kind of advertising to consumers is suitable.

The guide encourages you to consider the possibilities of outdoor advertising and our solutions which help you reach the consumers along their buyer’s journey.

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Dynamic HTML material

With the help of HTML material, you can dynamically bring your brand to life on digital out-of-home advertising surfaces — only your imagination is the limit!

HTML material is more local and up-to-date than images and videos. Local advertising is more likely to attract a consumer’s attention than a regular campaign.

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Guide to successful OOH-campaign

This guide will take you step by step to a successful out-of-home advertisement. You will learn key points of effective and, above all, well-working campaigns. 

You will get some tips and tricks to the creating process of an out-of-home campaign. 


Research & Insight

At Clear Channel, research and insight plays an integral part in everything we do. We are continuously investing in new and engaging research that furthers our understanding of the audiences we reach. We want to understand our operating environment and identify the changes in it, as well as increase our awareness of the impact of Out-of-home (OOH) advertising.