The sound was combined with a moving image in the campaign

The launch campaign of the Bond film carried out in collaboration with Clear Channel and Mall Voice, combined the attention value of the moving image and the sound world of the shopping center, creating impressive and eye-catching advertising. Newly and unique out-of-home advertising campaign was born as a collaboration between two pioneers in their own fields. 

Campaign time: Week 39

Objective: Create an impressive campaign implementation with the launch of a new film that attracts attention and reaches viewers that are interested in the film

Screens: Shopping Digital -verkosto, the campaign had a total of 225 screens, 11 shopping malls

Customer: SF Studios & OMD 


an innovative campaign through a special implementation


The campaign was promoted in the Helsinki metropolitan area during the premiere week of the new 007 No time to die -film. Advertising was shown in a total of 11 shopping centers, with up to 225 digital displays in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. This was the first time when the digital outdoor advertising campaign was combined with audio advertising in shopping malls. Outdoor advertising that utilizes the shopping center's sound world can create more impact and depth into the customer experience.

A new and unique outdoor advertising campaign was created as a collaboration between two pioneers in their own fields. Clear Channel’s modern media surfaces enable spectacular digital campaign implementations, while Mall Voice is the absolute top name for shopping center voice advertising in Finland. The special implementation of the outdoor advertising campaign was seen and heard on our media surfaces twice an hour for 30 seconds.


SF Film_SD Forum_2 (1)


the combination of moving image and sound DREW attention


An attention value survey was conducted on advertising, in which a total of 400 respondents were interviewed in various biggest shopping centers like Iso-Omena, Tripla, Kaari and Jumbo. 

81 % of them remembered that it was the commercial for the Bond movie


Based on the research, combining image and sound is really impressive and functional.

  • Spontaneously ¼ respondents remembered seeing or hearing movie advertising in the mall during the past week. 81 % of them remembered that it was the commercial for the Bond movie.
  • Almostof the respondents remembered that they had heard and / or seen an advertisement for the researched Bond-movie ad in the video
  • 81% of respondents said they liked Bond’s voice-enhanced advertising.³

The innovative campaign drew attention and created topics of conversation. The special solution brought visibility and impact to the advertiser's message.

Reaching the consumer with shopping center advertising


People go to shopping malls with an open mind which is why they are the optimal place to make an impact on the consumer through eye-catching advertising. In Clear Channel UK's Malls survey, 76% of respondents say they move around the mall with a positive mind and 60% spend at least one hour visiting the mall.

Advertising that utilizes the shopping center's sound world provides more impact and depth to the customer experience. Interactive implementations incorporate the passerby into the story. Advertising in the shopping environment reaches consumers at the most relevant moment for decision making. Based on our purchase path survey, 88% of Finns have paid attention to outdoor advertising during their shopping trip and seven out of ten say they are interested in the advertised product or service. With the help of shopping center advertising, the customer is directed to the grocery store, where our Store Digital -network strengthens the message and influences the customer's purchase decision just at the right time.


successful campaign as a result of effective cooperation


According to Olli Gestranius, CEO of Mall Voice, the high-quality combination of audio advertising and moving image is not the easiest thing to do, but the collaboration worked smoothly thanks to the professionals from both companies. Clear Channel wants to continue to create effective and attention drawing outdoor advertising for customers' ads.


Together with the client, we came up with ideas on how to create impact and spectacle around the launch of the film, which gave rise to the idea of ​​incorporating sound into outdoor advertising to bring depth. Bonds are popular and highly anticipated movies, and it is important that the launch is impressive and playful. What’s more impressive than utilizing the extent of the Shopping Digital network and reach and cooperation with Mall Voice which is a pioneer in its field. Sound and moving image created the perfect combination in the launch of the new film which drew the consumer into the storysays Harri Aaltonen Account Manager, Clear Channel.


Watch this great case video showing the combination of moving picture and sound in practice.


Clear Channel Finland Oy

Clear Channel Finland is a nationwide outdoor advertising company. Our advertisement networks are located in city centers, shopping centers, grocery stores, streets and Helsinki Airport. We are a pioneer of digital outdoor advertising and offer a comprehensive and modern network. Our vision is to be the most innovative and successful data powered media company. Clear Channel Finland is a part of Clear Channel Europe, which is a division of leading global Out of Home media company, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO).


Mall Voice Oy

Mall Voice Oy provides all encompassing in-mall audio advertising solutions at shopping malls that enable incremental revenue for both mall owners & retailer brands. 



More information:

Clear Channel Finland Oy: Digital CMS & Project Manager Darius Skaudis, 040 1782829 darius.skaudis@clearchannel.fi

Mall Voice Oy: CEO Olli Gestranius, 040 750 6873, olli.gestranius@mallvoice.com, www.mallvoice.com



1. Consumer Compass Oy. Clear Channel. Purchasing path survey 2018.

2. Rapport. Clear Channel UK. Malls. 2016



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