Heartbeats – The new rhythm of advertsing


The Helsinki airport is a bustling international airport with more than 21 million passengers passing through every year. It offers a great opportunity to reach target groups with purchasing power such as B2B decision-makers, leisure travellers, seniors and tourists. Thanks to our new Heartbeats concept, you can take advantage of the airport's incredible reach on a whole new scale, as going forward you can target your advertising message to the desired target group on an annual level or even on an hourly basis.


Heartbeats combines a variety of data sources to help us identify the movements of target groups at the airport. As a result, the modelling gives us a surface-specific profile of the people passing the advertising device at different times.


By understanding this rhythm of target group variation, we can map the needs of different passengers and combine them with the desired message, creating a unique media experience – the message is always on display at the right time, in the right place.

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Take advantage of excellent targeting opportunities

Among other things, Heartbeats utilises Finavia's interfaces, through which we can obtain almost real-time updated information on the airport’s flows of people. The flow of people is combined with air passenger profile data, and enriched through Kantar data. Thanks to this rich data, you can target your advertising messages to very specific target groups.


You can target your message using the following factors:

demographic factors, such as …

… age
… gender
… place of recidence

the destination and the purpose of the trip, such as …
… holiday with the family
… business trip

points of interest, such as …
… music
… cars
… investing
… theatre

phase of life, such as …
… family with children
… buyer of an owner-occupied house

behaviour, such as …
… purchasing behaviour: owns insurances
… purchasing behaviour: prefers more expensive cars than average


Target you messages on an hourly basis 

You can target your message to a single core audience on a long-term basis, or take advantage of audience profile variation even on a weekday or an hourly basis, for example, by targeting B2B decision makers on weekday mornings and leisure travellers on weekends.
target groups at the airport