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In cooperation with TWBA\Helsinki and Clear Channel, Finavia carried out a creative campaign resulting in the most shared outdoor advertisement of the year. The goal was to create a personal experience in the new terminal of the airport that would get people talking. Sure enough, thanks to the campaign, Helsinki Airport became the first airport in the world to be named after all of its passengers. At the very least, the new terminal became famous through many shared social media updates. The airport gained a lot of attention and an honourable mention during the campaign. Find out what it is all about.


The airport’s unique and inspiring advertising environment provides the best channels to internationalisation, purchasing power and active consumers. At Helsinki Airport, you can reach a wide range of target groups from B2B decision-makers with purchasing power to recreational passengers. From a commercial perspective, you can find a connection to interesting consumer profiles. The unique B2B media environment is an absolute must for advertisers seeking to reach corporate decision-makers and executives. 


Business travellers are 90% more likely to make purchase decisions.1 


Airport advertising activates the target audience and provides an excellent opportunity for making a lasting impression of the brand in people’s minds. It is a good fit for both short-term campaigns and long-term brand building. In the high-class environment of Helsinki Airport, the brand is met with an open and positive mind, which makes advertising so effective. 



Why airport advertising?






The main entrance of Helsinki Airport’s new terminal received a new billboard to which anyone could add their name. This way, for a fleeting moment, you could name the whole airport after yourself. Entering a name was easy, so passengers had a low threshold for taking part in the campaign. The new terminal became a hot topic of conversation during the campaign, increasing its profile and creating an image of the airport as everyone’s airport. 


The goal of the campaign was to welcome passengers with travel dreams to the new terminal and the world of travel. The main message was to reinforce the strong relationship between Finns and their home airport. The message the campaign wanted to convey was that the airport is waiting for all of us.






#myhelsinkiairport engaged a large number of consumers through a variety of approaches. The public quickly endorsed the naming approach and used the opportunity in a multitude of creative ways.  Amongst other things, the billboard featured two marriage proposals as well as pets posing in front of it. What’s more, at least 5 brands used it for marketing purposes. 


 A total of 16,706 names appeared on the board during the campaign.



Over 16,500 passengers named themselves at the airport between December and January – a clear sign of the airport’s accessibility and effectiveness as a media environment. On average, people spend two hours at the airport, providing advertisers with an opportunity to reach and activate consumers.


In all, the campaign reached 24,309,888 contacts. 






The campaign motivated people to talk about their journeys and travel dreams through many different channels. The modern way the campaign was implemented spawned long discussion chains, LinkedIn was filled with numerous images on the launch day, and the #myhelsinkiairport hashtag became a way of linking images and stories on a global scale. The media involved in the campaign included the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, influencer content as well as different social media platforms. 



The campaign received 77,233 likes and 4,637 comments on social media. 



The wall of the airport’s new terminal became a popular background for photos, and the entrance ended up in many consumers’ social media posts. Live events were also held during the campaign, attracting 32,450 followers, and the #myhelsinkiairport campaign became the most shared outdoor advertisement of the year.

Airport passengers usually carry a wide range of smart devices. The airport also offers a free wireless Internet connection. During the long waiting periods, passengers have time to research, look for more information and discuss the advertised products and brands.



36% visit websites in order to find more information about a product or service advertised at the airport. 1


The secret of a successful campaign is the airport’s high-quality environment as well as advertisements fit for the context. Creative, modern implementations reach the audience and do not go unnoticed. A campaign implemented at the airport makes a long-lasting impression on a target audience that changes on a daily basis, and we offer advertisers a wide range of digital and static solutions with a good reach for different purposes.






Exceptionally reachable, discussion-provoking and activating, the #myhelsinkiairport implementation attracted a lot of attention. In addition to the public, it convinced the jury of the Grand One 2022 Gala

Deservedly, the campaign received an honourable mention for its simple yet insightful idea. The reasons for the mention included great results, popularity in social media and the utilisation of digitalisation. The attractiveness of the campaign married with its ability to lower the bar for participation convinced the gala jury. 

The #myhelsinkiairport – Most shared outdoor advertisement of the year implementation also won gold in the outdoor advertising category of the Vuoden huiput 2021 competition. The verdict of the jury was based on the insightful idea of the implementation: “A simple yet stylish and attractive idea, which adds the reach of social media to outdoor advertising in a natural and easy-to-adopt way. The advertisement does a clever job in maintaining interest in the brand during a period that has been tough for the sector.”





At the airport, you can reach your target groups in no time. People not only pass through the airport, but also spend time there. That means that your advertisement has great repetition and reach. Repetition is an important part of successful advertising because it makes a lasting impression on consumers with money to spend. Compared to other media environments, extending the duration of your campaign yields a relatively larger target audience and an excellent level of repetition for the campaign. Short-term visibility, on the other hand, is promoted by the media environment’s exceptional effectiveness as well as interesting target groups.


67% feel that Helsinki Airport is a good environment for advertising.1


You can ensure the best possible result for your campaign by taking advantage of the target audience, context and effectiveness of airport advertising. In-context advertising increases effectiveness. The airport includes several unique, stunning advertising surfaces and networks, which makes it a favourable advertising environment for brand building.







The advanced targeting opportunities of airport advertising provide an advertiser with the chance to better reach their preferred target group. Read more about our Heartbeats concept.

You can target your message at a single target group on a long-term basis or take advantage of a changing audience profile on a daily or even hourly basis. In other words, the airport enables you to target your message, for instance, at B2B decision-makers on weekday mornings and recreational travellers at weekends. 



read more about heartbeats





 1. Nielsen Airport Insights Study 2017

This case study is based on information received from the TBWA\Helsinki advertising agency regarding the #MyHelsinkiAirport campaign.


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