Canary Islands Tourism inspires to escape the cold with a weather-based campaign

Canary Islands Tourism brought attention to their outdoor ad-campaign utilizing weather-based targeting, by combining the inclement weather situation troubling Europeans with their campaign in a genius manner. As a result, a succeeding campaign was created, which brought satisfaction to both the target audience and the advertiser itself.

Client: Canary Islands Tourism

Goal of the campaign: To promote a sunny destination during winter season in European markets

Target audience: Europeans tired of cold weather

Surfaces: Downtown Digital Metropolitan and Shopping Digital Metropolitan

Campaign date: 28.11.2022-11.12.2022

Canary Islands Tourism’s dynamic campaign had a simple goal – to promote a sunny destination in Europe’s wintery markets. The campaign aspired to appeal on consumers’ emotions by bringing up three ordinary irritations of cold everyday life.


Escape the colds, escape the routines, escape the crowds


The campaign structure was simple, but effective. The idea of the campaign was to recreate last year’s campaign with the pursuit of further improving the results. By utilizing digital surfaces paired with their dynamic potential, the ads could be targeted by the recurring cold weather and the current day of the week.

On weekdays, the ads encouraged consumers to escape their routines, on freezing temperatures to escape the colds and on weekend rush hours to escape the crowds. By using these three factors, the advertisement was targeted towards the right audience at the right time.



A successful entirety benefits the advertiser and the target audience


Creativity and distinctiveness – two important factors of dynamic outdoor advertising – were strongly highlighted during the campaign. The ad itself attracted attention in the middle of a winter scene with its vivid colours and tempting beach scenery.

Weather-based targeting was used at the correct time – during freezing temperatures – to appeal on consumers suffering from the cold. Properly timed ads were used as a supporting factor, depending on whether it was the weekend or a regular weekday. The visuals were oozing warmth and evoking relaxing images in consumers’ heads.


Dynamic outdoor advertising opens countless possibilities


Whether we’re talking about the weather, time or place, dynamic outdoor advertising opens countless possibilities for different marketing purposes. Canary Islands Tourism’s campaign utilizing dynamic elements isn’t indeed one of its kind. Several brands have striven to improve their visibility and awareness with unique, creative solutions.

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