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Dynamic campaigns are sure to be remembered, because they stand out for their inventiveness and variability. They exist in that time and place reacting to variables such as the time or weather. This provides almost unlimited opportunities to create advertising that meets the consumers’ needs ever better. Nelonen Media decided to remind consumers of the start time of programs in a flashy way so that everyone interested would make it in front of the TV on time.


Customer: Nelonen Media
Goal: to make a program known and to remind consumers of the start date and hour of the program
Campaign duration: January 5, 2020–January 9, 2020


Impressive Shopping Wall screens were used in the launch campaign for the “Paasosen polttaritoimisto” (Paasonen’s bachelor party agency) program. The advertising material was updated in real-time according to the time of day. The countdown clock in the upper corner of the advertising material showed to the minute how much time was left until the start of the program.



Nelonen Media wants to communicate different things on different days by using, for example, “tomorrow” and “today” messages. Making this kind of messaging variation has been possible before, but in those cases each advertisement variation has had to be carried out separately. Dynamic advertising materials allow for submitting only one set of material. The material can be updated even in real-time and there can be an unlimited number of variations.


“By implementing material dynamically, the advertisement itself recognizes what day it is, and based on that information it produces the desired messages to the material. With dynamism, we also make variation into the materials, which would be very difficult to do otherwise. Another advantage of dynamic materials is that they can easily be edited, so if anything in the campaign changes, we can change texts and other elements easily”, says Creative Designer Anu Rytkönen at Nelonen Media.


Nelonen Media submits their dynamic materials in HTML5 format, which is also used in display advertising. This way, materials for several different media can be created with only little editing and trouble.


“We can utilize the possibilities HTML5 provides simultaneously in both display and out-of-home advertising. The dynamic nature of out-of-home advertising enables everything that is possible when producing websites excluding direct consumer interaction. I am certain that in the future we will create campaigns where the material makes use of, for example, already existing, changing, data, or the material itself can exist in a time or place. We are also contemplating using social media content in out-of-home advertising now that it too is possible”Anu Rytkönen says.

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