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Signature DOOH screens in the heart of Helsinki, amidst culture and bustling pedestrian traffic.



File type

Format: MP4 (H.264 compressed) or JPG. (25 fps)

Resolution: 1080 x 1920 px

Maximum file size:
20 MB  

Spot length:
10 s

White colour code:
R230, G230, B230 / #e6e6e6 (optimal colour brightness)

30 px / side

Place essential information within the margins, as we may scale the material to match the resolution of the advertising display.



Delivery time:
4 business days before the start of the campaign by 12:00 PM.

Naming the material: Year_week_advertiser_campaign subject

For additional information regarding production and materials:

Delivery address for materials:

Content management fee

Content management fee
390 €

Cost includes:
1 to 6 materials at a time.

In case of material changes:
If the material is changed during the campaign or the material is delivered later while the campaign is running, a new fee is invoiced.

The Wall

The Wall audio (if booked for the campaign):

Reference level 0 dBFS

Sound format/packing type AAC (as part of video file)

Fade in and fade out required in the soundtrack. 1 s in the beginning (0 dB –> 25 dB) and1 s (25 dB –> 0 dB) in the end  of the soundtrack.

The Scene

On the exterior wall of the shopping center

Ota yhteyttä

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