Shopping centre advertising gets consumers talking and buying

Clear Channel UK’s Malls study (2016) examined consumers’ shopping centre behaviour. The research material was collected using a two-stage methodology: an online questionnaire (n=251) and a real-time mobile diary (n=81). The study included a total of 41 shopping centres and 386 advertising surfaces.


According to our research, consumers feel positive and enjoy spending time in shopping centres. 76% of the respondents say they feel positive in a shopping centre environment and 60% stay in the shopping centre for at least one hour. This means more exposure to advertising messages.

Besides shopping, shopping centres are a sociable environment most often visited in the company of someone else. Shopping centres are conducive to conversations about everything visible in the environment, such as store offerings. In addition, 69% of respondents say they talk about new products and offers even after the visit.


Shoppers typically visit more than one shop in a shopping centre and browse their selections. Impulse purchases are common, as only one in ten consumers bought only the product they originally went to buy. 50% of the respondents say they use more money on purchases than they intended or that they bought more items than planned.

The majority of consumers have a positive attitude to shopping centre advertising and feel that it influences their purchase decisions: 65% of the respondents say they are more likely to choose an advertised product. Shopping centre advertising plays a key role in steering consumers who spend time in the shopping environment in a receptive mindset. 73% of consumers would like to see advertising about (new) products or offers on digital screens, with particular interest in fashion, food, electronics and beauty products. 63% would also appreciate the opportunity to interact with digital screens.

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