Special Digital screens

Take control of the environment, build your brand and impress with large digital screens.


Production Requirements

Content requirements

For outdoor screens, please use R230, G230, B230 / #e6e6e6 for white colour, so that colour brightness is optimal.

Place all relevant information within margins for the material might be scaled to match display’s resolution. Margin width is 30 pixels/side.




Technical requirements

File types: MP4 (H.264 compressed) or JPG.

Spot length: 10 sec

Frame rate: 25 fps

Max size of file: 20 MB

Resolution: Screen related, see exact information below.


Katajanokka Curved led

Resolution (3 options):

2816 x 768 px 
One material, scheduled three times side by side

2816 x 768 px 
Three materials, scheduled side by side, client informs the correct order (left, middle, right)

8448 x 768 px 
One full screen-sized material)

Frame rate: 25 fps

Max size of file: 20 MB per third, in uniform material the file size can be bigger) 

Spot length: 10 s


Iso Omena U-Led

Spot length: 10 sec

Please deliver video or still image in three parts.

1408 x 192 px
Left side
Right side
2112 x 192 px
Middle part

 Iso Omena U-led


Iso Omena Led-Stripe

Spot length: 10 sec

Resolution: 1152 x 96 px


IsoKarhu Entrance

LED-screen surrounding the main entrance.

Spot length: 10 sec

Resolution: 832 x 496 px (doorway 448 x 368 px)


Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 11.36.39


File type: JPG

Resolution: 1056 x 224 px 

Spot length: 10 sec

In addition: The surface is visible from afar, so the material should be simple and the logo and text should be large.

Shopping Mall Armada

Horizontal LED, main entrance

Resolution: 1584 x 360 px 

Frame rate: 25 fps

Spot length: 10 sec


Vertical LED, lower entrance

Resolution: 216 x 576 px

Frame rate: 25 fps

Spot length: 10 sec


Material delivery

Material Delivery Address

Material delivery 4 business days before campaign launch before 12pm.

Naming the material: Year_week_advertiser_campaign subject

Material fee 390€ / campaign is added to the campaign costs, which includes 1 to 6 materials at a time.

If the material is changed during the campaign or material is delivered later while campaign is running, a new fee is invoiced.

Additional information concerning materials: 


Ota yhteyttä

Ota yhteyttä

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