Billboards | specifications

Maximize your outdoor advertising impact with billboards strategically placed on major highways and key entry routes into cities. The calm media environment guarantees a lasting impression for your billboard advertisements.



File type

PDF 1.4 or newer, texts converted, in CMYK colours.

Size/Poster size:
Divided in pieces 7 x 1220 x 2750 mm

Size/Visible area:
8480 x 2700 mm

Planning size:
854 x 275 mm

Planning resolution:
300 dpi

Bleed in planning size:
3 mm 

Colour profile:
Fogra39 coated paper


Delivery time:
Two weeks prior to the start of the campaign through the material portal.

Material portal:

If the material is delivered ready to post:
Deadline is one week before campaign launch to delivery address.

Delivery address:
Clear Channel Suomi Oy
Tiilitie 7
01720 Vantaa

Production and materials

Naming the material:
Year_week_advertiser_campaign subject

Advertising material:
Advertising material has to match Clear Channel production requirements.

Material requirement:
PP-slate 3,5 mm, 600 g

Maintenance extra: 
The delivered advertising material should include a 10% maintenance extra.

Additional information: 
p. +358 207312030


Size of extensions:
At an additional cost, one or more extensions can be produced for the billboard, extending beyond the edge by a maximum of 60 cm.

The extensions are printed to a 275cm wide 5mm board and cut to shape.

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