The Wall + Shopping Walls

Take control of the shopping environment, build your brand and impress with large digital screens in shopping centre's around Finland.

Production Requirements

Content Requirements

For outdoor screens, please use R230, G230, B230 / #e6e6e6 for white colour, so that colour brightness is optimal.

Place all relevant information within margins for the material might be scaled to match display’s resolution. Margin width is 30 pixels/side.

Margins landscape, Clear Channel

Technical Requirements

File types: MP4 (H.264 compressed) or JPG.

Frame rate: 25 fps

Max size of file: 20 MB

Spot length: 10 s

Resolution: Mall related, see exact information below.

Shopping Walls, Portrait

1080 x 1920 px

Dixi, 1 pc
Iso Omena, 1 pc
Itis, 3 pcs
Kaari, 1 pc
Puuvilla, 1 pc outside the shopping center
Sokos Triple, 3 pcs outside the shopping center
Tripla, 3 pcs

840 x 2016 px

Hansa, 1 pc
Koskikeskus, 1 pc

658 x 1024 px

Kaari, 1 pc outside the shopping center
Kalevankatu (Kosmos), 1 pc outdoor screen

The Wall

Resolution: 1080 x 1920 px

The Wall audio (if booked for the campaign):

Reference level 0 dBFS

Sound format/packing type AAC (as part of video file)

Fade in and fade out required in the soundtrack. 1 s in the beginning (0 dB –> 25 dB) and 1 s (25 dB –> 0 dB) in the end  of the soundtrack.

Shopping Walls, Landscape

1920 x 1080 px

Ainoa, 1 pc outside the shopping center
Citycenter, 1 pc
Flamingo, 2 pcs
Ideapark, 1 pc
Jumbo, 1 pc
Mylly, 1 pc
Puuvilla, 2 pcs
Sello, 1 pc
Valkea, 1 pc
Veturi, 1 pc
Willa, 1 pc

1920 x 1344 px

Itis, 1 pc outside the shopping center
Rotuaari, 1 pc outdoor screen
Sokos Helsinki, 1 pcs

1120 x 480 px

Forum Jyväskylä, 1 pc outdoor screen
Puuvilla, 1 pc (near elevators)
Trio, 1 pc outside the shopping center

Material delivery

Material delivery 4 business days before campaign launch before 12pm.

Naming the material: Year_week_advertiser_campaign subject

Material fee 390€/campaign is added to the campaign costs, which includes 1 to 6 materials at a time.

If the material is changed during the campaign or material is delivered later while campaign is running, a new fee is invoiced.

Additional information concerning materials:

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