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Nowadays, advertisers must build an uninterrupted customer journey from the customer’s home to the physical store – from the online to the offline. Out-of-home advertising should absolutely be used as part of this customer journey, as it offers unique benefits and differs positively from online media. As technology and data usage develop, mass media that reaches nearly all Finns(1 can be harnessed to meet modern needs – programmatic media buying makes utilizing out-of-home advertising faster, more digital, and more effective. 


IAB’s recent study(2 describes the rapidly increasing popularity of programmatic media buying. Over 80% of advertisers, agencies, and media predict that their programmatic investments or income will increase over the next 12 months. As such, now is an excellent time to learn about programmatic media buying and its benefits from an out-of-home advertising standpoint.  


Programmatic media buying of out-of-home advertising offers advertisers numerous benefits, such as efficiency, speed, reaction and control opportunities, flexibility and tailoring.  


Programmatic media buying provides an easy way to gain access to our extensive out-of-home advertisement media which reaches practically every Finn, is visible in the right environment, and activates and directs customers to buy. The process of programmatic media buying is smooth and happens in real time, and offers advertisers additional value in the form of better data usage and targeting opportunities, among others.  


For advertisers, managing programmatic out-of-home advertisement campaigns is effortless and quick, and materials can be efficiently delivered to various media all through the same platform. Since programmatic advertising is managed by the advertiser themselves, campaigns can react to changes and adapt their materials flexibly. 


We started developing programmatic media buying to meet our clients’ needs even better than before. With its strong history, out-of-home advertising is a modern and trendy choice that has continuously adapted to the changes happening in the world.  


Programmatic media buying brings additional value to our advertiser clients. The benefits of programmatic media buying are, according to research(2, considered to especially including better data usage opportunities, targeting opportunities, access to a premium inventory at a large scale, and lower media costs. 

The advertiser can review real-time reporting of their campaign and adjust their advertising according to the data. Advertising can also be automatically bought to be shown, for example, when the sun is shining and the temperature is over 22 degrees. Targeting based on different conditions, such as weather, enables the advertisement to be shown at the most favorable time. It can thus be ensured, through the use of data, that the campaign budget is used in the best and most effective way possible.  


Our technological solution, Clear Channel LaunchPAD, makes out-of-home advertising available on various purchasing platforms, also known as DSPs. 


Launched this year, Clear Channel LaunchPAD connects our extensive out-of-home advertisement inventory to several programmatic media purchasing platforms. We can offer out-of-home advertising programmatically through over 30 DSPs – contact us and we will inform you whether the purchasing platform you use is among them! You will receive a Deal ID from our salesperson, after which you will be able to buy our out-of-home advertising programmatically.  

As of 1 December, there are a total of 500 digital surfaces available for programmatic media buying. In all, our technical readiness enables the selling of over one thousand surfaces programmatically. Our inventory will be opened up to programmatic selling in phases. Currently, it is possible to programmatically buy Downtown Digital advertisement networks in key large cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku and Tampere. Downtown Digital is a digital advertisement network which directs the gaze through moving pictures in the busiest spots in cities.  


Read more about the benefits of modern and digital out-of-home advertising »  




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