Downtown digital | Material specifications


Reach consumers with state-of-the-art digital screens located in city centres.



These requirements apply to all Downtown Digital networks.

Content requirements

For White colour use R230, G230, B230 / #e6e6e6, so that colour brightness is optimal.

Place all relevant information within margins for the material might be scaled to match display’s resolution. Margin width is 30 pixels/side.


Technical Requirements

File types:
MP4 (H.264 compressed) or JPG.

Format: Portrait 9:16
Resolution: 1080 x 1920 px
Frame rate: 25 fps
Spot length: 10 sec
Max size of file: 20 MB


Material delivery

Material Delivery Address

Material delivery 4 business days before campaign launch before 12pm.

Naming the material: Year_week_advertiser_campaign subject

Material fee 390€ / campaign is added to the campaign costs, which includes 1 to 6 materials at a time.

If the material is changed during the campaign or material is delivered later while campaign is running, a new fee is invoiced.

Additional information concerning materials:



Downtown Digital — Material specifications

Fig 1: Margins, portrait




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