World Vision – What illiteracy feels like?

World Vision’s outdoor advertisement campaign raised awareness of illiteracy in April 2021. More than 770 million people struggle every day with not being able to read or write properly. Successful campaign sparked much discussion on a topic that many take for granted. Do you?

Advertiser: World Vision Finland

Objective: to illustrate how illiteracy feels and highlight the problem that over 770 million people are facing every day

Campaign duration: 2-6.4.2021

World Vision Finland is a humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization. World Vision Finland is a part of the largest child sponsorship organization in the world, World Vision. Yearly over million children in Africa, Asia and Latin America gets a chance to live a better life through World Vision’s work.

The campaign to fight illiteracy appeared as unreadable advertisements in various media channels. Being able to read and write is considered self-evident in the Western countries, which is why the problem of illiteracy is difficult to understand.

World Vision Finland’s campaign started on Friday, 2 April with unreadable outdoor advertisements. Several advertisers and outdoor advertisement screens were involved in the campaign, which increased the effectiveness of the campaign. The campaign sparked much discussion on the topic, especially on social media. World Vision Finland utilized also social media influencers during the campaign, which enhanced the campaign’s visibility even more. Eventually on Tuesday, 6 April advertisers revealed the background story of the campaign. 


Delightfully, many companies joined the campaign – for example advertisers including Opel, Viking Line and Clear Channel Finland offered pro bono advertisement space so that World Vision’s campaign would get the visibility it deserves.


“It was clear for us that we want to be involved in advancing this important issue. We didn’t hesitate when we asked our courageous clients to join in this campaign. Literacy and education are the key to a better life in developing countries. Especially during the pandemic, many children have been left without important education. Although this problem doesn’t affect Western countries with the same seriousness, it is in the interest of all of us that we can promote literacy and, through it, general well-being in developing countries”, says Ville Bergman, Sales Director, Clear Channel Finland.


The campaign was a success as it raised the issue and sparked a lot of discussion.

  • Campaign reach: 13,2 million
  • The value of the earned media: 122 765 euros
  • Media hits: 193

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