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Samsung’s launch campaign stood out with its 3D implementation

Samsung carried out a striking launch campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series. With the campaign, Samsung wanted to raise awareness about its new model while pursuing a large consumer group nationwide. The campaign employed a brilliant 3D implementation that certainly didn’t escape the attention of consumers. Read more about Samsung’s successful campaign below!

Customer: Samsung
Campaign period: weeks 9-10, February 2022
Advertising environment: The Wall and Shopping Digital Kamppi, Tripla Shopping Wall and Koskikeskus Shopping Wall
Campaign objective: The campaign is part of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series launch. Its main objective was to raise awareness of the new products. 


Outdoor advertising is an effective way for a company to gain more recognition and build its brand and quality image. Outdoor advertising is also suited for launch campaigns because of its large surfaces, frequency and the wide reach of mass media. Large and easily visible surfaces appeal to large audiences, and their excellent locations next to stores and shopping centers ensure that consumers take notice. Because of the frequency of the advertising, they will also be remembered. The launch campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series was a great success. In the campaign, a 3D implementation was used, which ensured an outstanding end result.

The striking 3D implementation drew attention

Outdoor advertising is a great way to realize various creative solutions. It absolutely pays to utilize context and physicality when creating arresting outdoor advertising campaigns. Bold, innovative and eye-catching solutions are sure to halt passers-by.

Outdoor advertising, with its wide reach, can be made even more effective with modern and outstanding means. This kind of mass media is noticed and it reaches almost everyone. Advertising acquires added value when the ambience is created to be literally downright tangible. 

Samsung utilized a 3D implementation in their advertising, and its three-dimensionality drew attention. 3D elements increase the attention value of the advertisement and help to make the campaign unforgettable. That way, the advertising campaign acquires a lot of added value and stands out from its environment. Samsung’s campaign garnered a lot of looks from passers-by and its goals were successfully met. Three-dimensionality and other creative solutions guarantee the wow factor and a strong imprint.


“With the 3D solution, we are trying to increase the visibility of the campaign and the attention value of the advertisements”, says Product Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Jouni Immonen.


The campaign captured the target group’s attention

Samsung’s launch campaign influenced consumers effectively. The new product gained nation-wide awareness with its outstanding campaign. Outdoor advertising reaches target groups effectively, and Samsung’s campaign too captured the attention of their target group. 

“Outdoor advertising supports the campaign’s media mix well as regards the target group we are after”, Jouni sums up.

The launch campaign made use of Shopping Digital and Shopping Wall surfaces, which are effective in shopping environments, and the iconic The Wall surface, because with them, consumers can be reached at just the right moment when they are making purchase decisions.


The successful cooperation between Samsung and Clear Channel

In addition to outdoor advertising, Samsung also used other media forms in their campaign. The campaign worked successfully with a diversified marketing mix in which outdoor advertising had a large role.

“This is a so-called 360 campaign with strong offline and online investments: TV, outdoor advertising, audio advertising, social and digital media”, says Jouni.

The cooperation between Samsung and Clear Channel was fluent and flexible. The launch campaign was a success and Samsung is happy with the outcome. According to Samsung, they will continue to use outdoor advertising in the future. So it is possible we will work together again in the future.

“Our cooperation works well and is flexible”, Jouni concludes.


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